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A Center To Aid Dreams Goes On Wheels

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

A local organization will soon be able to provide transportation for kids in its summer programming.

The Dream Center hosted its first fundraiser of 2017 on April 15 to collect money for a 15-passenger van to help kids participate in its summer events. “The van will fix transportation barriers that prevent kids from participating in the programs,” said Dream Center Executive Director Fred Newell.

The center, a local family advocacy group, 611 Southgate Ave., provides a summer program that runs from June 21 through Aug. 16 designed for younger kids to take writing, acting, and cooking classes to help them decide what they would like to do in their futures, said Kyra Randle, a junior at City High.

All of the summer programs are free, Newell said. The only program that costs money is the tae kwon do class in order to pay for promotions.

“It builds unity, especially among black people, because it shows a side that’s not stereotypically presented,” Randle said. “It leads kids down the right path for their future through peace and unity.”